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We provide boats for rental to enjoy the majestic waters of Milos island.

Experience the thrill of cruising your very own private speedboat while navigating along the superb Milos coastline.

Ble Oneiro boats is located in Adamas, has the safest and most modern fleet of boats and is one of the best options of
boat rental in Milos.


Explore Milos island with us and enjoy the magical beauties!
Milos is a wonderful island of Cyclades, full of surprises and special charm.
If you want to explore the unique beaches of Milos,
we are here to organize whatever you and your family want.
We offer daily, short and long tours and trips, with our new boats.


They say that this island has the most beautiful waters in the Cyclades. It is true!
Live and enjoy all the beaches of the beautiful Milos!
Be your own captain today and when you get there do not close your eyes.
Just look at it . . . Blue Dream!


Choose the boat you like and live unique experiences in Milos Island.
Our boats are designed for families and groups of all ages, and perfectly suited for fishing, swimming and sightseeing – whatever takes your fancy really, because you’ll be the captain!
You do not need a license as long as the boat is smaller than 30hp.
You can also drive one of the bigger boats if you have a motor boat license
or we can provide a skipper for you.



The most important thing for us at Ble Oneiro Boats is your safety.
All your safety equipment is provided at the cost of the rent, at the same time you have direct contact with our base on the coast whenever and when you need it.
The first time you take the boat, within a few minutes we will give you instructions on how to use it safely and some useful navigation tips.
In addition, you will be given a map for the most convenient access to the destinations of your choice.


Enjoy the natural beauty of Milos and discover dreamlike beaches. See the collection of photos and videos.

Get the best holiday experience in Milos with Ble Oneiro Boats!